Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Happy 7th Birthday Paden!

We let Paden open a birthday present early, well, just a few hours before his party. He was so excited to get Lego Batman!

We envited lots of kids to come to Paden's party but the weather was a bit of a challenge.

We had lots of fun playing pin the nose on Rudalph and decorating sugar cookies. I made cupcakes into ornaments (very cute). Overall, it was a good party dispite the weather.

White Christmas, indeed!

Sunday night December 14th
The snow started Sunday night. Lots was predicted and school was delayed 2 hrs on Monday.

Wednesday December 17th
School was delayed 2 hrs Mon, Tues, & Wed. The city of The Dalles doesn't plow all the streets, just a few of the main ones. Watch the accumulation on the well.

Thursday December 18th
School was cancelled and Sydney played in the snow all day.

Friday December 19th
School was again canelled. Christmas vacation was to begin early. Again, Sydney played all day in the snow. We have a great hill behind our house, in the cherry orchard. I will post pictures of the sledding activities later.

Saturday December 20th
Church was delayed 2 hrs and it was only sacrament. It snowed off and on for the last few days. It's predicted 4 more inches tonight (Dec 23). We will have a white Christmas after all. Sydney has had fun in the snow. She has learned how to snowboard down our hill and wants a snowboard. Too bad all the stores that carry one (an inexpensive one) are sold out. Maybe next year. Good thing the boys here are willing to share.

Monday, November 3, 2008

So, one night at the dinner table, Eldon started singing a song. We have heard this song by the other kids. But we didn't know that there was a 'chorus'. We were all laughing hard as Eldon sings it so well. Hope you enjoy!


Jedi Knights

The boys wanted to be Jedi knights for Halloween. So, I made them jedi costumes, capes and all. I think that they look really cute. Eldon has been wearing his for the last couple of days. I'm sure that the bottom of his cape is filthy.
Sydney was Hermione Granger. She even went to bed with curlers and braids. She went out to the yard and found a wand. A friend and I took our kids to the downtown trick or treat where the shops on the main streets hand out candy. Kids got a lot of loot. We then grabbed something to each then went to the church Halloween party with games. Afterwards, we went to the neighborhood near our house and did more trick or treating. I thought that with Halloween on Friday people would be out later but by 9pm the streets were looking pretty bare. So, we called it a night and went home to count our stash. The kids had fun and have be wired on candy for days now. It's almost gone!

Friday, October 24, 2008


I recently found this picture of Paden. Isn't it precious! This is my son! Calm and cautious. Eldon would be trying to get into the water but not Paden. He has to test it out, see what it does. He is calm and quiet and a really good boy!
My dad did a tax return for a lady who takes pictures. In return for the work done, this lady said that she would take pictures. My kids were just candid as they weren't to get theirs done at this time. There turned out to be some good ones. I especially like this one of Paden (of course, that's why I am posting it!)

Monday, October 20, 2008

'Wal-Mart filed an application Friday with The Dalles planning office for a 149,000 square foot Wal-Mart Supercenter store in The Dalles.' This was on the front page of The Dalles Chronicle today Monday October 20th. For those of you who have heard my complaints about The Dalles, having this Walmart Superstore would be such a great benefit. Hopefully, it would drive local food prices down and give some compitition the the other stores here. I would love for a Target to come in. Then I would be happy. Portland is close enough that I could do clothing shopping whenever I was there. Having this Walmart would also help out economy here. The added jobs are a great thing also.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

A couple of weeks ago my friend, and Syndey's Achievement day leader asked me if I know anyone who made cheesecake from scratch. I told her that Travis did. She then asked if Travis would come make a cheesecake with the girls. So he took some time off and came and made 2. One the night before to eat after they made the second one at the activity since it would be cooking or just out of the oven. I think they all had fun. Travis was able to have the girls add the ingredients and mix. Then they put the cheesecake mixture into little graham cracker crust pie tins. Each girl was able to take home 3 little cheesecakes to eat themselves or to share with their family.

I am very lucky to have Travis as a husband. He is great with kids. He loves to do things like this, though he may grumble. He has hidden talents. So, basically, I have the best husband who is still my best friend!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Can't contain my excitement any longer!

For those of you who know we live in a little house in The Dalles, OR. I have a basement that has no windows and I have to duck, yes, duck every time I enter my bedroom. I have a rather large kitchen but have no room for a table(how is that possible?) I felt that I was forced into moving into this place, but our options were really non existent at the time.

Well, our 6mo is almost up and we have found a larger house with everything that we wanted. It's a 3 bed 2 bath old farmhouse.

The kitchen has been remodeled (and I can have a kitchen table again), the garage used to be an old carriage house. It fell down so a nice new large garage has been built in its place.

It has a large, large yard in which we will put in a garden and raspberries. It puts us back into the school boundaries of the school that the kids attend. And even though the ward members were worried that they would loose us to 1st ward, we remain in the 2nd ward. A major plus. This house has hard wood floors in all room except the bathrooms and the laundry room. Our land lady (and her family, as it's her parents that own the house) do not depend on our rent to pay the mortgage so we can move in at our convience, which is Oct 17th. They have also let us store stuff in the garage or in the house. So I have been over 5 times already with boxes. We truly have been blessed in this regard (we are definitely counting our blessing!). I also forgot to mention that this place has a wood stove and this is very exciting for Travis. He has spent the last week trying to find wood so that we will have fuel for the winter. We are all excited about moving and having more room. I have already said yes to a Mary Kay party and a Pampered Chef catalog party. I would love to have a Halloween party but I think that's pushing my luck. I want to have a candy party in December. We'll see how that goes. Hurray for us! (just tooting my little horn!)

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

First week of school done!

Our first week of school is done and over and we survived it. 7:40 AM is quite early to have the kids out door for school. I have to get myself showered and ready and 3 kids. Oh boy! Sydney has the routine down, so I have really no problems with her. It's the boys. Eldon is usually energetic enough that I just have to keep him on track. BUT Paden is not a morning person and loves to lounge in bed. I really have to keep on him so that we aren't late for school. Sydney really likes her teacher, Mrs. Ashley, and is excited to be bring the class pet home this weekend.
Paden hasn't said much about his teacher but I've met and spoken with Mrs. Fred(erickson) a few time now and I like her and think that she'll be good for Paden. After dropping off the older two, I take Eldon to his school.

Eldon is lucky to be the youngest as he goes off to preschool. Like the other two, Eldon is attending a Headstart preschool and I get to have breakfast with him every morning. He likes Teacher Kara & Misty and will have one more teacher soon. Such a big boy! He loves to go to school and is excited to going like his siblings.

I am fortuante to then be able to go over the the airport and work without kids. It was supposed to be 3 morning a week but I haven't gotten to that yet. It's nice to be able to work while the kids are in school.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

We don't play cars, we play airplanes!

So, today we had to go to the airport. I had to work and that means the kids come too. Travis had just come back from a flight and the plane needed to be fueled. So the kids thought it would be fun to play. Sydney was the pilot and Paden and Eldon were the repair crew.
They had to repair the wings mid flight lots of times and had to parachute out of the airplane. All would jump out to repair the wings or to parachute out. I wonder where they get their imagination. Silly kids, but boy did they have fun!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Busy Summer

WOW! It's been more than a month since I blogged. I guess I have been busy.

Paden lose 2 teeth at the same time with the permanent teeth already in behind them.

Travis' brother recieved a kidney/pancrass transplant. So we were in and out of Portland quite a bit. I went to girls camp, lost lots of sleep but had fun and got to know some great young women in the stake.

We spent a weekend at the beach in Lincoln City. Tons of FUN!

The kids enjoyed their cousins and the beach, even though the water was cold. The weather was foggy but nice but the water was cold. The house we rented was very close to the beach. We played during high tide.
We had great meals planned but planned way too much. It was fun to play in the cold ocean and then go home and hop in the hot tub. The kids loved making sand castles, even the younger kids!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Toll Bridge Park

Travis woke up Saturday morning and decided that we were to go camping. We checked a few places and decided to go. We ended up at Toll Bridge Park, just south of Hood River. While driving there we could see Mt. Hood very nicely but while camping the trees were too high to see. It was nice to explore and hike around.We forgot our camp stove and had to cook everything on the open fire. This was fine for Travis who loves to tend the fire. We made tin foil dinners with a dutch oven peach cobbler the first night, and hot dogs and baked beans with s'mores and eclairs the second night. We all had lots of fun!

Happy Birthday Eldon!This was Eldon's 4th birthday and we had a small family party at home. We did the traditional Whiteley first bite. Eldon was excited to open some new legos and some black Spiderman sheets. Cool!

Happy Birthday Sydney!
We celebrated Sydney's 9th birthday in Nampa. We went home for a family reunion and her birthday always falls around this family reunion. We had tons of cousins (20) plus 2 of Sydney's friends. We were able to play in a large pool, have some water games, cake and ice cream and presents. I think all had fun!

Friday, May 16, 2008

2008 kids race

2008 Mt Hood Cycling Classic Kid's Race
The first ever kid's race. They had races, celebs, prizes and fun! Sydney, Paden, and Eldon registered and because I couldn't find their helment, which are still in a box somewhere, they were fitted with new helmets - no charge. The kids' bikes were also checked to make sure that they were ready to race, tires pumped up, tightened up handlebars, etc. Eldon was the first to race. He was all ready and race against about 25 kids 2-3 years in age. For each race, the city had a famous cyclist leading and following the kids.

Paden raced with the 6 year olds. We decided that he needed his seat higher. He had to do one lap which was around the block.

Sydney and her friend raced with the 8 years. This was the first race that had a crash and it was a girl from Sydney's school class. Sydney came in 5th of 6th but was the first girl in her catagory to cross the finish line. Hurray Sydney! She did say that she wanted to come in somewhere in the middle so that she didn't have to stand up and talk to the crowd. Though it was very hot the kids enjoyed themselves and hopefully the hospital will sponsor this event next year!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Fishin in Dufer

The kids have been waiting to go fishing. We drove to a small town called Dufer and then to a camp just outside of Dufer. It was a free fishing day for kids. There was some cub and boy scouts there and fish and game/state forestry people there for this event. They all did a great job - free fishing, food, games, etc. All there had a great day!

The day started out slow with three kids wanting to fish with three poles and two parents trying to get it all ready. Sydney, being the oldest was the last to get her stuff so she was bored quickly.

Paden made the first catch of the day and caught 11-13 in fish. Yea Paden! He was very gun ho about his fish and wanted to do more.

Eldon was very patient as his fishing pole broke right away. Luckily the fish and game had loaners. He got a nice little pole. Eldon caught the second fish of the day. He was very happy.

Sydney had a hard time and seemed to be unlucky with every pole she tried. But finally she caught the third fish and was very happy. It changed her whole perspective. We all had a great time and learned a lot. We only caught 5 fish out of the 25 that we could go home with but for a family that doesn't fish or eat fish a whole lot, 5 was great!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Cinco de Mayo

So, our ward here in The Dalles had a Cinco de Mayo potluck dinner at a park that I can't remember or spell the name of. It was up at the top of the hill/mountain here in The Dalles. It has this great playground set amongst trees and has a awesome medieval theme. Lots of great things for the kids to play on. It was a nice dinner but not much in the way of mingling which is what we need being new to the area, but the kids liked the playground. We even took the dog and he got lots of attention and finally fell asleep.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Cherry Festival Parade

The City of The Dalles celebrates the cherry blossoms, so they have everything. Pie eating contest, open market, parade, etc. We decided to take the kids to the parade. It was nice and lasted about 1 1/2 hrs. Travis splurged and bought the kids the inflatable superheros and a hat. They enjoyed getting the candy and the floats. For a small town, they put on a pretty good parade. Later we also walked down to the open air market. One vender tried to see me a violin, case, and bow for $80 - what a deal :). I was tempted but didn't buy one. We had a great time and got to see some of the local venders.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

We had a US Coast Guard helicopter come in to fuel. It was huge and Eldon, being the child with me at the time got to go see it. The guys were so nice! They let him 'help' them move gear around and even sit in the pilot's seat. Eldon talked with the guys, some pilots and some were the jumpers. Eldon really enjoyed himself.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Trying something new

Well, I am to have a go at this blogging. I don't know what to do or how to make it my own but I shall have a go. Maybe it will be like a journal for me since I haven't kept one in a very long time. I don't have much to say at this time. I'm here in The Dalles, OR and working and trying to manage my house or just unpack it. It's coming together slowly. I have put up pictures and have only a few more boxes left, most of which are my scrapbooking stuff. I don't have the wonderful shelves that my sister set up for me. :(