Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Happy 7th Birthday Paden!

We let Paden open a birthday present early, well, just a few hours before his party. He was so excited to get Lego Batman!

We envited lots of kids to come to Paden's party but the weather was a bit of a challenge.

We had lots of fun playing pin the nose on Rudalph and decorating sugar cookies. I made cupcakes into ornaments (very cute). Overall, it was a good party dispite the weather.

White Christmas, indeed!

Sunday night December 14th
The snow started Sunday night. Lots was predicted and school was delayed 2 hrs on Monday.

Wednesday December 17th
School was delayed 2 hrs Mon, Tues, & Wed. The city of The Dalles doesn't plow all the streets, just a few of the main ones. Watch the accumulation on the well.

Thursday December 18th
School was cancelled and Sydney played in the snow all day.

Friday December 19th
School was again canelled. Christmas vacation was to begin early. Again, Sydney played all day in the snow. We have a great hill behind our house, in the cherry orchard. I will post pictures of the sledding activities later.

Saturday December 20th
Church was delayed 2 hrs and it was only sacrament. It snowed off and on for the last few days. It's predicted 4 more inches tonight (Dec 23). We will have a white Christmas after all. Sydney has had fun in the snow. She has learned how to snowboard down our hill and wants a snowboard. Too bad all the stores that carry one (an inexpensive one) are sold out. Maybe next year. Good thing the boys here are willing to share.