Friday, May 16, 2008

2008 kids race

2008 Mt Hood Cycling Classic Kid's Race
The first ever kid's race. They had races, celebs, prizes and fun! Sydney, Paden, and Eldon registered and because I couldn't find their helment, which are still in a box somewhere, they were fitted with new helmets - no charge. The kids' bikes were also checked to make sure that they were ready to race, tires pumped up, tightened up handlebars, etc. Eldon was the first to race. He was all ready and race against about 25 kids 2-3 years in age. For each race, the city had a famous cyclist leading and following the kids.

Paden raced with the 6 year olds. We decided that he needed his seat higher. He had to do one lap which was around the block.

Sydney and her friend raced with the 8 years. This was the first race that had a crash and it was a girl from Sydney's school class. Sydney came in 5th of 6th but was the first girl in her catagory to cross the finish line. Hurray Sydney! She did say that she wanted to come in somewhere in the middle so that she didn't have to stand up and talk to the crowd. Though it was very hot the kids enjoyed themselves and hopefully the hospital will sponsor this event next year!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Fishin in Dufer

The kids have been waiting to go fishing. We drove to a small town called Dufer and then to a camp just outside of Dufer. It was a free fishing day for kids. There was some cub and boy scouts there and fish and game/state forestry people there for this event. They all did a great job - free fishing, food, games, etc. All there had a great day!

The day started out slow with three kids wanting to fish with three poles and two parents trying to get it all ready. Sydney, being the oldest was the last to get her stuff so she was bored quickly.

Paden made the first catch of the day and caught 11-13 in fish. Yea Paden! He was very gun ho about his fish and wanted to do more.

Eldon was very patient as his fishing pole broke right away. Luckily the fish and game had loaners. He got a nice little pole. Eldon caught the second fish of the day. He was very happy.

Sydney had a hard time and seemed to be unlucky with every pole she tried. But finally she caught the third fish and was very happy. It changed her whole perspective. We all had a great time and learned a lot. We only caught 5 fish out of the 25 that we could go home with but for a family that doesn't fish or eat fish a whole lot, 5 was great!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Cinco de Mayo

So, our ward here in The Dalles had a Cinco de Mayo potluck dinner at a park that I can't remember or spell the name of. It was up at the top of the hill/mountain here in The Dalles. It has this great playground set amongst trees and has a awesome medieval theme. Lots of great things for the kids to play on. It was a nice dinner but not much in the way of mingling which is what we need being new to the area, but the kids liked the playground. We even took the dog and he got lots of attention and finally fell asleep.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Cherry Festival Parade

The City of The Dalles celebrates the cherry blossoms, so they have everything. Pie eating contest, open market, parade, etc. We decided to take the kids to the parade. It was nice and lasted about 1 1/2 hrs. Travis splurged and bought the kids the inflatable superheros and a hat. They enjoyed getting the candy and the floats. For a small town, they put on a pretty good parade. Later we also walked down to the open air market. One vender tried to see me a violin, case, and bow for $80 - what a deal :). I was tempted but didn't buy one. We had a great time and got to see some of the local venders.