Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Toll Bridge Park

Travis woke up Saturday morning and decided that we were to go camping. We checked a few places and decided to go. We ended up at Toll Bridge Park, just south of Hood River. While driving there we could see Mt. Hood very nicely but while camping the trees were too high to see. It was nice to explore and hike around.We forgot our camp stove and had to cook everything on the open fire. This was fine for Travis who loves to tend the fire. We made tin foil dinners with a dutch oven peach cobbler the first night, and hot dogs and baked beans with s'mores and eclairs the second night. We all had lots of fun!

Happy Birthday Eldon!This was Eldon's 4th birthday and we had a small family party at home. We did the traditional Whiteley first bite. Eldon was excited to open some new legos and some black Spiderman sheets. Cool!

Happy Birthday Sydney!
We celebrated Sydney's 9th birthday in Nampa. We went home for a family reunion and her birthday always falls around this family reunion. We had tons of cousins (20) plus 2 of Sydney's friends. We were able to play in a large pool, have some water games, cake and ice cream and presents. I think all had fun!