Monday, June 29, 2009

Multnomath Falls

We decided that we needed to explore the beauty of the area that we live in. So we decided to visit Multnomath Falls. For those of you who don't know, it's that waterfall that's in one of the scenes in the movie Twilight. It's just east of Portland, OR and we have driven past it every time we go into Portland this last year.This was a beautiful hike and though the hike guide said that it was a popular hike it wasn't too crowded. We had a picnic dinner of chicken and rolls the then walked to the lower falls and across the bridge.We then proceed to try and hike to the top. The kids did really well but at the 1 mile marker, Eldon had to go to the bathroom and we had to high tail it down the mountain. We were almost to the top but there was not bathroom there.We had a great hike, though I'd like to do it again and actually make it to the top. It was really beautiful!

Syndey's 10th birthday party

So for Sydney's 10th birthday we had a cooking party. I'm really into themed parties and I think I have more fun with the planning that I do the actual party. I still have fun! I can't take full credit for this idea as my cousin did it for her daughter's 10th birthday a few months ago. I loved the idea and decided that was what we were going to do! Thanks Karri for the wonderful idea!

Travis and I went to Freddies and found some dish towels to use to make aprons. I wasn't too excited about them and about the price but Freddies is about all we have here in The Dalles. They sat on my counter for a couple of days and then Friday (the day before the party) I had a great idea to try Kmart and just see what they had. Boy am I glad that I went there! They had the cutest dish towels in the exact party theme that I had gotten for napkins and paper plates! The price was much to my liking also!At the party we made individual pizzas. They kids got crazy, putting every topping on and stacking them high, but they had fun. I had Sydney ground the sausage, another girl make the fropee (sp) drink, and another girl make the cake mix. I even cut up different fruit for kabobs.

Then we put cake mix into their own cup and cooked little cupcakes for each of them. The kids thought that it was so much fun to eat the leftover mix and were even chasing each other around to get the last lick in the bowl.

Here in the birthday girl! She had so much fun!10 things I love about Sydney!
1. I love her blond hair and blue eyes. How would have ever thought that I would have a blond/blue kid.
2. I love that she cares about her brothers.
3. I love that she is artistic and loves to draw.
4. I love that she is a well rounded child.
5. I love that she has a great singing voice and love to sing. She's getting better at the performaning part.
6. I love to sit at the piano and accompany her singing. (That's why I learned to play the piano!)
7. I love that she loves to do things with me.
8. I love the nurturing qualities that she has. She'll be a great mom someday!
9. I love her smile. It continues into her eyes.
10. I love that hugs that she gives out freely to anyone that needs or wants one!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

We have been blessed to have my sister and her kids at our house for a few days. Eldon and Naomi have gotten along so well. Two peas in a pod. We will be sad to see them go home. I hope to be able to visit them in Las Vegas sometime before school starts.

Star Wars Birthday

My baby Eldon turned 5 and we had a Star Wars party. The padawans were invited to Jedi Training at our house.
Destroy the Death Star

Lightsaber training

We had a great time and the kids enjoyed the party. They went home with a penny, a light saber and a Star Wars bingo game. It was good to enjoy the kids having fun!