Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Pinewood Derby

Paden's car

This was Paden's first Pinewood Derby. The red car is his. He choose the design and sanded and painted. He was really excited to be able to make this. We then took it to the derby to race the other cars.

Paden's car in a race

It was a nice round robin type race. There were 9 cars total and Paden's car got 3rd fastest overall. He was really excited! Isn't he a cute cub scout! A shout out for my awesome sister in law Jenni for the cub scout shirt!
Paden's bronze medalPaden's advancement

Paden was also awarded his Bobcat. He is really enjoying Cub Scouts, though getting him to do things is hard as it takes time away from the Playstation. We just work other activities into passing off Cub Scout stuff. Eldon really enjoys doing the activities too so it makes it easier to get Paden to do them.