Friday, September 26, 2008

Can't contain my excitement any longer!

For those of you who know we live in a little house in The Dalles, OR. I have a basement that has no windows and I have to duck, yes, duck every time I enter my bedroom. I have a rather large kitchen but have no room for a table(how is that possible?) I felt that I was forced into moving into this place, but our options were really non existent at the time.

Well, our 6mo is almost up and we have found a larger house with everything that we wanted. It's a 3 bed 2 bath old farmhouse.

The kitchen has been remodeled (and I can have a kitchen table again), the garage used to be an old carriage house. It fell down so a nice new large garage has been built in its place.

It has a large, large yard in which we will put in a garden and raspberries. It puts us back into the school boundaries of the school that the kids attend. And even though the ward members were worried that they would loose us to 1st ward, we remain in the 2nd ward. A major plus. This house has hard wood floors in all room except the bathrooms and the laundry room. Our land lady (and her family, as it's her parents that own the house) do not depend on our rent to pay the mortgage so we can move in at our convience, which is Oct 17th. They have also let us store stuff in the garage or in the house. So I have been over 5 times already with boxes. We truly have been blessed in this regard (we are definitely counting our blessing!). I also forgot to mention that this place has a wood stove and this is very exciting for Travis. He has spent the last week trying to find wood so that we will have fuel for the winter. We are all excited about moving and having more room. I have already said yes to a Mary Kay party and a Pampered Chef catalog party. I would love to have a Halloween party but I think that's pushing my luck. I want to have a candy party in December. We'll see how that goes. Hurray for us! (just tooting my little horn!)

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

First week of school done!

Our first week of school is done and over and we survived it. 7:40 AM is quite early to have the kids out door for school. I have to get myself showered and ready and 3 kids. Oh boy! Sydney has the routine down, so I have really no problems with her. It's the boys. Eldon is usually energetic enough that I just have to keep him on track. BUT Paden is not a morning person and loves to lounge in bed. I really have to keep on him so that we aren't late for school. Sydney really likes her teacher, Mrs. Ashley, and is excited to be bring the class pet home this weekend.
Paden hasn't said much about his teacher but I've met and spoken with Mrs. Fred(erickson) a few time now and I like her and think that she'll be good for Paden. After dropping off the older two, I take Eldon to his school.

Eldon is lucky to be the youngest as he goes off to preschool. Like the other two, Eldon is attending a Headstart preschool and I get to have breakfast with him every morning. He likes Teacher Kara & Misty and will have one more teacher soon. Such a big boy! He loves to go to school and is excited to going like his siblings.

I am fortuante to then be able to go over the the airport and work without kids. It was supposed to be 3 morning a week but I haven't gotten to that yet. It's nice to be able to work while the kids are in school.