Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I love posting with pictures but this time it's just a story. Last Friday, because of school being cancelled before Christmas vacation, the school did their holiday parties and this Polar Express celebration. It was a 'wear your pj's to school' day. Sydney was all excited but Paden was a little apprehensive. I made sure that all was ready for the next morning so that the morning routine would be smooth. I got Paden's pjs out and showed him and told him what was to happen. He then told me that 'one time I wore my shirt backwards to school and the other kids didn't'. Poor boy. In his own way he told me that he didn't want to wear his pjs because he wasn't sure that others would and didn't want to be the only one. He did wear his pjs and went to school and when I checked on him before school was out he was having a great time. Kids say the darnest things!