Saturday, September 5, 2009

First day of school

Once again it is the first day of school. The kids all got the teacher that they wanted and have friends in their class. Sydney is the oldest class in the school and Eldon, the youngest. This is the only year that all three of my kids will attend the same school together. It will be an interesting year for us.
Sydney 10yr old, 5th grade

Sydney has begun picking out her own clothes. She has a very good sense of modesty but style is now coming into play. Before, I was able to buy almost anything and she'd wear it. Now, it's better to take her along or run it by her before stashing it away for next year. Her favorite color, PINK. No matter how hard I tried, she loves pink.

Paden, 7 yr old, 2nd grade

Paden is my mild mannered boy. Very tall for his age, he is quiet and very watchful. He always asks politely for things. He is the one that I worry the most about. I don't want him to get left behind. He is very good at video games and would play the play station forever if he could. He doesn't like the cold weather or the hot weather. I have a hard time buying him jeans as everything is so huge on him. Thank goodness for the button elastic in the waste band.

Eldon, 5 yr old, kindergarten

My baby is no longer a baby. Well . . . he hasn't been a baby for a very long time. This day couldn't come soon enough for Eldon. He has wanted to go to the same school as Sydney and Paden for forever. He is so excited to be in kindergarten, though he's the size of the 1st graders and some of the 2nd graders. He is so energetic. I wish I could bottle some of his energy! He has never been one to walk anywhere. He runs, hence the skinned knees and bruises. He is an easy one to shop for as he loves to get hand me downs from Paden! Hurray! I don't even have to store the clothing for very long. He is my most loving kid, always a kiss or a hug for me. He has this funny clutch (?). He rubs the back of my arm. It's a comfort thing. He says he likes the bumps that are there.

We started the year out with father's blessings. I'm so glad/thankful that Travis is able to do that for the kids. It's a scary world out there and the kids need all the help they can get!


L. Taggart said...

Hooray for blessings and hooray for button elastic waist bands!

C. Taggart said...

So what are you going to do with all your free time now that everyone is in school? Eat bon bons and watch soap operas all day? LOL

yay for having them all in school and I hear ya on the elastic waist bands. Even the slims aren't slim enough for Nicholas.

Whiteley Family said...

Travis bought me a machine that among tons of other things, cuts vinyl. I am so in love with the vinyl that I'm going to try to make a go of it! I'm really excited! It's been fun playing around with it while I wait for other supplies to come!

Karri said...

Hi Akemi! I'm so glad you left a comment so I could find your blog. Your family is adorable and I love that waterfall, totally love twilight! It was good to see your parents when they came up for my grandpas funeral. This will be great to keep in contact!